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Where these statistics refer to "juniors" this always means barristers or pupils with a call of 2010 or later.

Pupillages offered by year,
Pupillages offered with Gateway deadlines,
Recent pupillages listed/updated,
Live pupillages not advertised on Pupillage Gateway,
Time between application deadline and start of pupillage,
Split of junior barristers by gender,
Most popular first names for juniors,
Juniors with connections to Oxford and Cambridge,
Juniors with connections to Russell Group institutions,
Juniors with connections to other UK institutions,
Juniors with connections to international elite (TES top 20) institutions,
Juniors with connections to other international institutions,
Rank of institutions for first degree of juniors,
Top 50 pupillage awards,
Most popular chambers for detail views (last 30 days),
Pupillages offered by chambers 2013 - 2017,
Ratio of members to juniors,
Which BPTC course produces the most juniors, do juniors have GDLs (rather than QLDs),
Chambers by size

Which BPTC course produces the most juniors, do juniors have GDLs (rather than QLDs)

Which BPTC course produces the most juniors

This report is experimental and only has a sample size of 373

Where providers are listed without a location this indicates that we do not have the location data, so it could be any centre from that provider. For example "BPP" indicates any BPP centre, BPP centres with locations are in addition to this. So "BPP" plus "BPP - London" plus "BPP - Leeds"... equals the total percentage of BPP centres.

7BPP - London5.63
11CoL/UoL - London1.88
13Kaplan - London1.34
14CoL/UoL - Birmingham0.80
15BPP - Leeds0.54

Qualifications of juniors by BPTC provider

This report is experimental and only has a sample size of 373

1City79Elite international graduates1.27%
International graduates5.06%
Other UK graduates12.66%
Russell Group graduates20.25%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates67.09%
Other UK postgraduates1.27%
Elite International postgraduates3.80%
International postgraduates7.59%
Russell Group postgraduates13.92%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates30.38%
2BPP68International graduates4.41%
Other UK graduates13.24%
Russell Group graduates33.82%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates48.53%
Elite International postgraduates2.94%
International postgraduates2.94%
Other UK postgraduates7.35%
Russell Group postgraduates17.65%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates25.00%
3Unknown53International graduates9.43%
Other UK graduates24.53%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates33.96%
Russell Group graduates37.74%
Elite International postgraduates1.89%
Other UK postgraduates5.66%
International postgraduates5.66%
Russell Group postgraduates7.55%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates28.30%
4Exempt43Russell Group graduates23.26%
Other UK graduates23.26%
International graduates25.58%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates30.23%
Russell Group postgraduates2.33%
International postgraduates2.33%
Elite International postgraduates9.30%
Other UK postgraduates11.63%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates37.21%
5Kaplan27Other UK graduates7.41%
Russell Group graduates48.15%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates51.85%
Elite International postgraduates3.70%
Other UK postgraduates3.70%
International postgraduates7.41%
Russell Group postgraduates11.11%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates18.52%
6CoL/UoL27International graduates3.70%
Other UK graduates25.93%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates40.74%
Russell Group graduates44.44%
Russell Group postgraduates14.81%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates22.22%
7BPP - London21International graduates4.76%
Other UK graduates9.52%
Russell Group graduates23.81%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates66.67%
Russell Group postgraduates9.52%
Elite International postgraduates9.52%
Other UK postgraduates9.52%
International postgraduates9.52%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates28.57%
8Nottingham13Oxford/Cambridge graduates15.38%
Other UK graduates30.77%
Russell Group graduates53.85%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates7.69%
Russell Group postgraduates7.69%
International postgraduates7.69%
9MMU10Oxford/Cambridge graduates30.00%
Russell Group graduates70.00%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates30.00%
10Cardiff9Oxford/Cambridge graduates11.11%
Elite international graduates11.11%
Other UK graduates11.11%
Russell Group graduates55.56%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates11.11%
11CoL/UoL - London7Russell Group graduates28.57%
Other UK graduates42.86%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates57.14%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates14.29%
12UWE6Oxford/Cambridge graduates16.67%
Other UK graduates33.33%
Russell Group graduates50.00%
Oxford/Cambridge postgraduates16.67%
13Kaplan - London5Russell Group graduates20.00%
Oxford/Cambridge graduates80.00%
14CoL/UoL - Birmingham3International graduates33.33%
Russell Group graduates66.67%
15BPP - Leeds2Russell Group graduates100.00%

Do juniors have GDLs (rather than QLDs)

This report is experimental and only has a sample size of 376



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